Designing Values

3 principles to build your brand.

A brand is made up of numerous elements which are all essential to turn a product into a brand.

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When you are building your brand, you have to take into account a bunch of elements that are all necessary for its proper development. We can divide them into 3 essentials to build a coherent brand. 

Everything behind your brand will come here. Core Values, Philosophy, Vision, History, The Why. All the little things that define you as an individual, all that make you unique and valuable. Don’t try to rush in this part as it is the core of your business. 


Your image should be a visual extension of the previous stage. It is the one that will represent you wherever you move. Both in social networks and your day-to-day life. The corporate image can be composed of one or more elements that all fulfill the same function, accentuating the graphics and the strength of the brand image. 

Colors. Define your color palette of 3-4 colors and never change them.
Typography. I usually choose two fonts, to be able to play with them. But one should be enough, Chose a font that defines you, that speaks of your brand.
Graphic elements. It is necessary that everything you use in your image is meditated and thought. Always chose the same elements and the same type of pictures.
Logo. The logo is the face of your brand. Pay attention to your face as it speaks of you.
Your voice. The tone you choose to communicate with your audience must be your own unique voice.


Have a strategy and a clear path. Communicate with your target customer and take good care of them. All these things are important at this stage since those gestures will allow you to grow and establish yourself as a BRAND.

Creating a brand is not difficult if you follow carefully all the steps. Remember, every detail is important. Since the details are not only details, they make the design.