Designing values.

Are you ready for a brand that reflects your essence?

I offer a comprehensive approach to defining your brand culture by conducting a holistic study. This will enable us to craft a distinctive and coherent brand that reflects your company’s principles and beliefs. The process includes a thorough examination of various elements of your business, such as your goals, target market, and industry trends, to gain a complete understanding of your brand’s identity.

Branding and Creativity

I am here to help you take your projects to a higher level and design a brand identity that stands out in the marketplace. I have a holistic approach, taking into account all aspects of your brand to create a differential presence that will help gain a competitive edge. From strategy and messaging to visual design and implementation, I will work with you to shape your projects and build a strong, recognizable brand that resonates with your target audience.


MARCH 23rd- 6.30pm

How to create a logo in only 4 simple steps!

Why Choose B&C

benefit 1

I am in charge of guiding you from the start of creating your brand until we can combine your personal and business identity into an image that captures your essence.

benefit 2

I offer Custom Branding. I provide you with a visual identity based on your authentic values so that you can clearly communicate with your target customer.​

benefit 3

I propose personalized and close communication. I often get in touch with you via WhatsApp, mail, and video conferencing to get an optimal result.

benefit 4

I run the entire process to build your brand (from establishing your brand culture, logo design, visual identity, web design to creating your personal identity) In order to simply launch your brand.

Client Testimonials

Charlotte and I worked together as a team from the beginning of the brand creation and once we agreed on the mood board everything fell into place. Charlotte is very professional and easy to talk to. I recommend her highly.
Designing values.
Alexandra Schillinger
Floral Designer
I have loved working with Charlotte, she has the ability to dig into the important points and bring out the essence of your company, she makes you think. She is attentive in the process and flexible, she works with you in the same direction. In one of the last steps was the photo session, it was incredible!!! She made me feel very comfortable and some great photos came out. She is a great support in the process of creating your company and gives a lot of motivation. Thank you, Charlotte
Designing values.
Pepa Eizaguirre
Interior Designer
Charlotte has a gift for capturing essence and purpose in meaningful, simple, high-impact, and highly harmonic images. Her dedication and professionalism are impeccable, and the result is really good. She is responsive, communicative and creative throughout the process, friendly and efficient!
Designing values.
Nereida Gómez
Charlotte is a great professional with the creativity and humanity required to communicate effectively with each of her clients and help every entrepreneur and small business to build a holistic personal brand that accurately reflects the spirit of the product and its creator.
Designing values.
Georgina Barquín
Talent Development Consulting,Training

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