Designing Values

“You will not always be motivated, you will have to learn to be self-disciplined”

The importance of developing self-discipline and commitment, to achieve a Personal Image and a powerful Corporate Identity.

Normally, it is very easy to dedicate time to what we like the most, what motivates us or what makes us happy, for example reading a book, making a cake, calling a friend, doing sports … but, what happens when the motivation runs out or do our chores accumulate? Often, along the way, we encounter difficulties that prevent us from moving forward, we do not know how to deal with them and then we “lose the desire” to give ourselves to “our things” and we turn the page. This is when self-discipline comes into play, for all those activities that we should do but don’t feel like doing.

There are days when I am very productive and positive, but other times I lack the desire … What do I do right now? Turn the page? abandonment? Here is the importance of having self-discipline. When we are self-disciplined, we envision a goal, an objective, that with small steps and creativity we can reach.

Ask yourself the following:

What are the priorities in your life?

What is the first step to achieve your goal? Write down an action plan and set deadlines to achieve it.

What benefits do you get when you do a task? How you feel?

What are the tasks for which you lack self-discipline?

A disciplined person, he commits every day to working on his goals.

You must commit to a goal, if you really want it you cannot fail. By considering what our priorities are, we are establishing an order, a commitment to build our Personal Identity in conjunction with the values that we previously established. We are building a solid Corporate Brand that will differentiate us from others.

It’s a good vicious cycle! We call it self-discipline; The commitment we make on a day-to-day basis and that leads us little by little to victory. Not only for financial success, but also for courage and confidence. It is worth investing time and effort on ourselves. Don’t you think?

I suggest that you do a small activity every day that will lead you to achieve a goal, even and especially when you don’t feel like it. For this I invite you to make use of different resources that I propose and thus, at the same time, you can develop your creativity and your personality towards where you want.