Designing Values

Find out what your core values are

Discover your core values

Discover your core values and achieve the success of your brand. A good Corporate Image is the one that manages to reflect your essence.

When I talk about values, I mean everything that moves you, inspires you, makes you happy. Those little things that make you feel special and different … Many times we feel happy but we don’t know why, we just haven’t stopped to think.


Defining your values is probably the best thing you can do for yourself. Since once established, you are prepared to set goals that are aligned with these values and thus achieve your goals much more easily … At this point, you feel ready to attract everything you propose in life, you you find yourself in tune with yourself and therefore with everything that surrounds you.


 “Choose a job that you are passionate about and you will not have to work a single day of your life.” _ Confucius


A Brand Image aligned with your Values

When creating your brand, you must take into account what your most authentic values are, and make them clear through ALL your Corporate Image -the logo, colors, typography, environment, sounds, sensations, smells-. Absolutely all your product must breathe your essence and only in this way will you be able to communicate effortlessly with your target audience. Because your client will have the intuition that you and he are in tune, and only with that you will have already taken a huge step towards success.




To discover what your Values are, I propose a series of questions:


What is important in your life?

What gives you peace?

What is your favorite thing to do?

What is your greatest purpose?