Designing Brands


A couple of days ago I heard a very interesting podcast from Neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman, about how to change or mold your brain. And I’ve been left with several very interesting points – gratitude, walks to calm the mind, among others. But the concept, which I would like to develop, is that the key is in movement. The secret, to achieve your goals and develop your personal image, is to ACTION. Until now, many of us thought that it was the opposite, that is, first meditate on the goal we want to achieve, then suggest our mind and then work on it. But it is not like that, it is exactly the opposite, first we will act and then our brain will want to do it. So if you have a dream, just DO IT, don’t overthink about it for another minute, because if you think about it … then maybe you never will.


If you want to exercise, count to 3 and do it, you want to take care of yourself more and better, get to it, you want to start your company, start with a small task, that will take you little by little towards your goal.

In another post he talked about the mini actions to achieve a powerful brand image. Well, that’s what you have to do. Start with an action that will lead us little by little to achieve our goals, no matter how great they may be.


If the key is in the movement …

What do you plan to do to get closer to your goals, achieve your objectives and develop your personal image?

I give you some ideas that, perhaps. can serve you:

Prepare an action plan – even if you don’t overthink it. Where do you want to go and what mini actions will you start with … (I started by cooking a cake … nothing to do with my final goal, but you would be surprised what takes a small step …)

Whatever the first action you decide to start with, just do it: Do not count on your motivation, what’s more, it is very likely that that first step is the most difficult, so it is very possible that motivation will completely abandon you and you want to procrastinate, but no! Get up, count to 3 and do it….

Once you have taken the first step … You will already be on the road to success … everything else will come by itself. So… are you willing to move?


1, 2, 3 GO !!!