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I have posted on instagram every day for a month and this is what happened.

I have been posting in Instagram for one month

Since I created my brand almost two years ago I have not been very focused on digital Marketing since almost all my clients came to me through contacts. Now I notice that I need to get more involved with social media both for me and for my clients. So I challenged myself to post every day for a month on Instagram to see what happens.


Followers: My followers have increased by 5,1%. Very little, I haven’t noticed an increase in posting every day.
Accounts reached: -1.9% less than the previous month
Accounts engaged: +87.6%. I notice a slight increase compared to the previous month.

Positive sides

  • I am creating a community and interesting relationships.
  • I learn a lot every day from others and myself.
  • I do networking.
  • I understand better the market.
  • I have more ideas.
  • I get to know my brand better.
  • I understand better my target audience and their needs.


Negative sides

  • I spend around 1 hour to 1h30, every day, just creating content for Instagram.
  • It’s sometimes overwhelming to see so much content every day.
  • I am less focused and lose concentration in other tasks.
  • Instagram makes you more stress-prone.

Resuming, I wonder if it is worth it getting so involved on Instagram. And well, it takes up my time and sometimes I feel overwhelmed, but I do believe that I can learn much more. 

I’d like to be able to provide solutions more focused on my audience’s needs and create a community with people who share the same values and tastes as me. So I have decided to continue for another month. I will tell you about my journey.

What I should do now, to better manage my time, is batch-working to be more productive and efficient. But I quite like creating content every day as I feel more creative. I’ll tell you about evolution.

-Interesting facts.
The reels are the ones that give the most traffic, but there is little interaction.
The stories do not give traffic but they do create more links with your community.
Posts give traffic if you use the right hashtags and if the content is attractive, qualitative, interesting…
The videos give very little traffic but last longer than the posts.
I haven’t done lives yet… soon maybe!

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