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Both, because of the cultural change that we are witnessing, and also because of the constantly changing job market, it is necessary to stand out when applying for a job or creating your own business. Today, having an obvious and attractive personal brand it is a must have, for everyone.

Who says brand says personal identity, you cannot create a product without having your image thought and defined.

Your identity must accompany you wherever you go. It has to be an authentic manifestation of who you are, what you think and what you affirm.

It is essential that you bear in mind that you are the heart of your company. And as an active core, you must radiate light, energy and positivity. Since everything you transmit and what you give comes back to you like a boomerang. Due to this, it is advisable that you work from within so that your personal image and consequently your corporate image, give off harmony and efficiency.

You are your Brand, your brand is you

The 10 golden rules to create a Personal Identity according to Forbes

1. Have a goal.

2. Be genuine.

3. Tell a story.

4. Be consistent.

5. Prepare yourself to fail.

6. Create a positive impact.

7. Follow a successful example.

8. Live your brand.

9. Let other people tell your history.

10. Leave a legacy.