Designing Values

8 Techniques for staying consistent once you've established your brand.

Techniques for staying consistent once you've established your brand.
Sixteen Miles Out via Unsplash
Once your target audience, mission, values, story defined and your brand identity built. Then, you will need to start selling your services online and offline. This is perhaps, the most challenging step, since you will have to stay focused and disciplined to succeed. Find below my techniques for staying consistent once you’ve established your brand.
Some days will be easier than others. At times, you will have more energy and sometimes everything will seem gray and difficult.
But…I would like to share with you my steps and strategies that help me stay active, positive and consistent on a daily basis.
  1. Meditation. Meditation is a great tool for staying focused and developing patience. Meditation has changed my way of facing events, it calms me down, gives me confidence, in myself and in the universe. Since I apply it, I can’t go a day without meditating. 
  2. Journaling. It helps me stay focused and positive, it helps me understand myself better. And clarify even more why I decided to create my brand and put all my energy in developing it. 
  3. Walks in nature. Nature gives me energy. Clearing your mind in a place that gives you peace is without any doubt the best thing you can do for yourself on a daily basis. When you move and oxygenate your brain, you connect your body and your mind and it stabilizes you. I’m blessed with the most energetic dog on the planet and taking him out every day to discharge his energy is a must. So for my dog or for me, the daily walk is a duty.
  4.  Learning every day. Learning every day means I have more tools to grow my business. It gives me confidence in myself and in my abilities.
  5.  Reading. Reading is an activity that soothes me, it’s a bit like meditation, I love to give myself at least 10 minutes to read a good book at night. If it’s a novel, linking with the characters will make you develop empathy, which is very necessary when connecting with the outside world.
  6.  Sunbathing. My favorite pleasure… The sun produces endorphins that predispose us to a good mood. So now you know, if you want to shine, sunbathe!
  7.  Eating well and cooking. Cooking relaxes me and develops my creativity. If you let your creativity flow in the kitchen, chances are you’ll let it flow in your business, and you’ll be well fed along the way.
  8.  Staying Hydrated. If you hydrate your body, it is very likely that you will gain energy and well-being. So drinking 8 glasses of water a day is part of my daily routine.

Being an entrepreneur means depending on yourself in all aspects, so you need to stay positive and active, every day, to be able to shine.

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