Designing Values


"Your values are the heart and soul of your brand."

Your values matter a great deal

Do you know why values matter so much? Values are the basic beliefs that direct or motivate attitudes or actions. Basically, they help us figure out what matters to us.

Last week, I wrote about the importance of creating your brand culture before starting with your Corporate Identity. As a central ecosystem of its products and services. Given that, the first and perhaps most important piece of your brand culture is your brand values.

As a result, I established my values early in the development of my brand. However, choosing the values that represent me and my brand was no easy task. But through introspection, I was able to establish the 5 core values that reflect my essence. (For the purpose of helping you, I have developed a guide to identify your top five values. -Download it for free-)

My values:

  1. CREATIVITY– Creativity has always been my force and my anchor. Initially, I did not recognize this value as fundamental because I incorporated it so deeply that I hardly saw it. Creativity is part of my being, it’s how I feel different and unique. Is the WHY of my Brand and my IKIGAI. Check out my post about finding your Ikigai.
  2. BEAUTY Beauty is my number two core value. I can’t do anything without seeing beauty. If I am not surrounded by beauty, I feel that I wither and turn off, like flowers when there is no water. You may say that beauty is subjective and I agree, but what matters is how I perceive it. I believe that beauty is important in my service because my mission is to create an image that reflects the most beautiful and powerful in everyone.
  3. FREEDOM- If I didn’t pursue it, I wouldn’t have dared go into entrepreneurship, and Branding & Creativity wouldn’t exist. I must feel free to design. I enjoy discipline, as long as I feel free to make decisions and move. I dislike doing the same thing all the time. I enjoy my life because I’m free.
  4. NATURE If you follow me on Instagram, you will see that there is not a day when I do not download a picture of my walks with my dog. Nature relaxes me, keeps me alive, and makes me feel connected. I wouldn’t be able to live without it. And part of my mission is to sensitize by my image that we must respect it, pamper it, and love it.
  5. LEARNING- Learning is my last and certainly not the least. I need to learn about myself and my services every day to feel valuable. I know that if I keep learning, I will keep growing and I will be able to share my knowledge with you.


Hopefully, my values will help you define yours. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need a little more guidance.

Next week, I’m writing about your brand’s passion _ B&C