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A brand made by passion
brooke-cagle Via Unsplash

A brand made by passion

Do you already know what passion motivates you to invest time and money into your brand?

The passion of the brand is the motive behind your product or service. Last week, I wrote about your brand values. Let me talk about passion this week. This is the second component of brand culture.

In my case, I have a passion for beauty creation. We agree that beauty is subjective and art too, but based on my understanding of beauty, what pushes me daily is to create aesthetics and beauty. Through branding and creativity, I pretend to bring out the best in each of my clients and translate it into brand identity.

Each of us has a passion and that passion is what makes us remarkably unique. The creation of a company is a very important moment, where deep feelings of euphoria and fear come together. But… what a great moment of life! So, if you finally take action and decide to create your brand, it means you’re on your way to happiness.

On my side, whenever I start a project, I feel like I’m boosting my energy while doing what I love the most. Furthermore, I am creating the image that will enable my clients to live from what they like most. What a thrill!

If you’re lucky enough to live on your passion, it’s because you’ve made smart decisions. Then go on, it will pay off at some point.

Passion is the unbridled power that drives you. It is the strength that raises you and carries you.