Designing Values

A clear vision will make your brand successful.
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A clear vision will make your brand successful.

Your brand’s vision. What does it means and how to set it up?

Last week, I discussed the passions and values that shape the culture of your brand. Today, I am referring to the Vision. Brand vision is the ability to see beyond, in time and space, and above all else. In other words, this means visualizing, seeing with the eyes of the imagination, in terms of the final result to reach. Let’s look at how we can build a successful brand with a clear vision.

The vision answers the question: Where do I go? Or what do I want my business to turn into?

With this in mind, what is the difference between mission and vision? The mission is all that leads you to get your vision. These are all actions you will take to achieve your vision.
Mission replies to the question of How. How will you get it? Meanwhile. The Vision responds to the question, What? What do you want to get?

The VISION for Branding and Creativity is the following.
“Each of us can live on our passion.” And how do I intend to achieve it? Helping entrepreneurs build brands focused on their essence.

It’s very important to develop a clear, concise, and engaging vision, both for you and your clients. There are still too many businesses that fail to consider vision when creating their brands. It’s a mistake because vision helps you understand where you’re going. That’s an indicator of what your final purpose is. If your ultimate goal is specified, then your strategy is much more logical.

I’ll give you some examples of companies that have a vision, clear and strong. And it is no coincidence that these brands are so promising, effective, and robust. If you have a clear vision, so will your success.

NIKE. If you have a body you are an athlete.

OXFAM A just world without poverty.

TESLA To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

What do you think? They look amazing to me.

I hope that was helpful in defining your vision. Next week we’ll move on to the next item. Brand’s purpose.