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I personally attach great importance to the choice of typography. Depending on what type of font you use, you’ll be communicating in very different ways.
Harper Sunday Via Unsplash

Choosing the right font can make your brand a huge success.

I personally attach great importance to the choice of typography. Because depending on the type of font you use, you will be communicating in very different ways. Selecting the right font can turn your brand into a success or even a failure.

Last week, I provided you with guidelines for creating your business mood Board. Over the last few weeks, I’ve talked about what it is and how to build your brand culture. Today, I’m going to discuss typography. 
From a branding perspective, few things are more important than typography. After all, your logo is made by letters. So it is natural that the font you select for your brand will have a big impact on the way people perceive it. Particularly if they’re isolated.
Typography has a powerful effect on how we perceive a brand. It is one of the most important aspects of any business. With every word you print, present or publish online, and every sentence you write on a website form, you are communicating something about your business to customers. Choosing the font is an opportunity to showcase your brand’s personality and style. 
You may find that some fonts are more closely associated with particular styles than others. For example, Helvetica is known for its modern typography and can be seen in many brands that have a modern design aesthetic. While there are no rules about how fonts should be used, you can divide the styles into two large blocks.
Sans-serif: simple and with a modern and minimalist twist. This typeface is typically used in children’s books and advertising posters, among other things, as it is a source that is well-read from a distance.
Serif: it has an intellectual connotation, as it is commonly used in textbooks and newspapers. It is widely used in fashion for its intricate and sophisticated touch.

The typography of your brand identity is the most important element to consider when building your brand. It’s not just a small detail, it can make or break your design and even influence how people perceive your business. Typography doesn’t have to be complicated, just pick the right typography for your audience and make sure it fits the rest of your brand image!