Designing Values

Do you know why a unique brand concept ought to start with a well-defined moodboard?
uby-yanes - Via Unsplash

Moodboard allows me to communicate with my clients on a visual basis. It helps me determine the style, atmosphere, and energy I want to create for the product. It helps me to make sure that all the pieces flow in harmony.

Do you know why a unique brand concept ought to start with a well-defined moodboard?

A moodboard is a collage of images, colours, texts, and samples of objects arranged in composition to create a feeling and communicate a message. A unique brand concept should begin with a well-defined moodboard, let’s find out why.

Over the past weeks, I have explained how to develop a brand culture. I talked about how to define the values, the passion, the vision, the raison d’être, the beliefs, and the story of your brand. The next step would be to put all these elements of the brand culture together and visually translate them into a composition. To have a sense of how these elements behave together and create a brand image.

Setting up the moodboard is a decisive choice. I have had experiences in which the whole visual identity was not moving in the right direction. The reason was that there was a flaw on the moodboard that didn’t exactly communicate the culture. Therefore, I would say that the creation of moodboards is definitely the key to visual development. My experience is that when the Moodboard is nailed branding is smooth.

As a graphic designer, creating moodboards is one of my favorite moments. I really appreciate the search for pictures that represent the essence of my customers. That way, I’m able to actually get the core of the product and express it visually. It is also a highly successful form of communication, as often my clients are not able to express in words what they feel or need. As a result, connection between us becomes much more fluid.

Tips to set up a moodboard

To set up your moodboard, you can use Canva as a tool. Canva is an app that you may use for free. It enables you to create all sorts of designs in a very accessible way. And for Pictures, I use Pinterest because I have access to many images that inspire me and allow me to define my Identity. Please note: you can only use the images in private mode since you have no right to use them for other purposes. When using free pictures, I highly recommend Unsplash.

With these examples (click on the link)You can get a feel for the brand development of some of the projects I’ve been working on, from mooddboard to visual identity. As you can see, there is evidence of consistency when it comes to development.
To me, designs must always be consistent, authentic, and elegant. This is my label, and this is when I get the best results.