Designing Values

Do you think that you know your best client as well as your best friend?
© Gabriel Silverio via Unsplash

Your ideal client is the star of your movie. ​

Do you know your best client as well as your best friend?

The perfect customer theme is recurring and not surprising considering the importance of knowing it when you are a business owner! I would say that your ideal customer is the basis of your purpose and your sales strategy. Do you think you know your best client as well as your best friend? 

 And you may ask. How do I know my perfect customer? Well, based on time, implication, experience, and failures. Is this long to do? a bit. Is it complicated? I don’t think so.

To know your ideal client, you first need to learn about yourself, as you and your ideal client are likely to share similar values. If you still don’t know your values, download my completely free guidebook (with nothing in return) to help you discover your values. And construct an image that lines up with your essence.
Personally, I attach great importance to personal growth in terms of the creation of brands. Both for my clients and for my own business. It’s really important to get to know yourself, to be able to deliver the best and to know where you’re going. Once you’ve built your brand culture. You should define your ideal client and provide as much detail as possible. Your ideal client ought to be your alter ego. The one you know the most after yourself. 
On my Instagram account, I created an example, super detailed, to help you, with the data you need to provide to define your ideal client. I invite you to go see it!

There are many ways to get to know your ideal client, but for me, the best has been, so far, the actual experience. Knowing your ideal client’s life, being able to talk to them, listen to them, and empathize with them, was definitely the best way for me. But this is also the longest. 

Of all the clients you’ll get, some will be perfect and some won’t. In my experience, I’ve learned that I shouldn’t, and I don’t want to work with those who don’t fit my ideal customer profile. Because it will bring nothing but trouble. Instead, I sign any deal with my best client. The great thing about working with this kind of customer is that the relationship is fluid and harmonious. You are related to values and philosophy in life. You have the same perspective. And it all goes pink! As my corporate color! I invite you, if you haven’t already, to read the post about my brand colors, as it is a much more intimate and personal post but so full of meaning!