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Make your brand colors matter
Laura-Chouette Vía Unsplash

Make your brand colors matter

The colors I use for my brand are colors that perfectly represent me. They not only represent my values, but they mirror my essence. A whole life lies hidden behind this choice. Make your brand colors matter, so that your brand radiates your energy.

Over the weeks, I’ve explained how to build your brand culture and how to choose a font that fits your image. Today, I wanted to delve more deeply into the question of the choice of colors. This results in an article that is more personal and intimate, but very significant.


I grew up on an island where civilization was not a common word. Each day was summer and my universe was sunshine and sea. No need for my shoes, I liked freedom so much. My father was my God and turned my world into a rainbow. But at the age of ten, the nuns, the uniforms, and the cement came and shook my color world and everything became gray.

At the age of 15, I moved to Paris. City of Light & Art. I liked Paris so much… It was “la vie en Rose”. My youthfulness was a swirl of smiles and tears. Those were years of apprenticeship.

And then it was Madrid. Spanish passion has replaced French elegance and “savoir-faire” which I regret so much today. Red and black were the current colors.

 After adolescence came then the adult stage. My daughter brought the pink back into my world. A cheerful and smiling doll; she gave me the energy that makes me feel powerful.

Then suddenly a cloud… My father died suddenly and this infamous crisis came on… The past few years have been particularly eye-opening to me. These were years of empathy with the world and a lot of self-reflection. This period of growth has provided me with the necessary tools to guide people in their phase of reflection, crucial in the process of developing their brand image.

Life has its ups and downs and conflicting emotions. My colors: pink, gray, black... Nothing is a coincidence, everything has its raison d'être.